The Jennings blog has moved!

As of October 1, 2011 the Jennings Project blog has moved and joined forces with Constitution Daily, the Center’s daily digest of smart conversation on the Constitution. All new posts will be published there, so be sure to subscribe and follow Constitution Daily on Twitter. If you are interested in submitting a post to Constitution Daily, please email Stefan Frank at


What is the Peter Jennings Project? For the past five years, the Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution, named for the late ABC News anchor, has been offering a dynamic weekend immersion experience in the Constitution and constitutional law. After passing through a rigorous application process, interested journalists come to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia for a mid-winter weekend of stimulating talk, provocative programming and challenging case-law workshops. So far the Jennings Project has produced more than two hundred “Jennings Fellows,” who carry the message of the project forward into their work, be it newspaper, magazine, broadcast or new media journalism. This blog was, in fact, driven by the Jennings Fellows’ desire to have an additional constitutional resource available to them throughout the year. While our core constituency will be these Fellows, we decided to open the blog to all interested journalists.

The mission of this blog is an extension of the Jennings Project mission itself: that is, we aim to inject constitutional dialogue into all parts of the "paper" (that increasingly archaic term), and by so doing help Americans recognize the Constitution as not only a legal document describing the structure of our government and the freedoms it protects, but as a crucial element in our national identity, informing decisions on health care, science, religious exercise, national service, real estate, sports, medicine, education, immigration, domestic and foreign policy and, well, the list is endless. It is, to coin our persistent tag line, to see "the Constitution in our midst."

To that end, we will be inviting guest bloggers to contribute to our site on a formal basis. As the Jennings Project director, I serve as editor of the blog. Feel free to send me your ideas, (, whether these are actual content intended to be shared with the Jennings blog community or comments on how we might improve the blog structure itself. We will benefit from your help.

Todd Brewster